Alba Franco-Cancél, the resident artist of San Luis Obispo Opera, a jaw-dropping soprano....[her] artistry brought tears to the eyes of many guests, who were taken back by [her] range and sincerity.... the trills and shivers sent down the spines by her voice just made the audience want more!  

           -Cassandra Frey, San Luis Obispo Visitors Guide

"Alba Franco-Cancel plays Valencienne and I just love her sense of humor
and her wonderful comedic banter....
Such a wonderful voice, great comedic timing and Alba had such high energy that she was so much fun to watch"

                                              -Lorenzo Marchessi,         The Geek Authority

"The rustic Zerlina ( Alba Franco-Cancel) rounded out the cast. Cancel and Luksik were wonderfully cast ...and shared a delightfully seductive duet"

                                         - Duluth News Tribune

"Alba Franco-Cancél, a pert soprano from Puerto Rico, was the standout of the evening, with a bell-like voice and outstanding acting skills as the maid and mistress of disguises (both costume and vocal) Despina."
                                          -Marcus Overton, The San Diego Union Tribune

"Puerto Rican soprano Alba Franco-Cancél gave a rakish, passionate account of Kurt Weill's "Youkal."
                                                                          - Ken Herman, San Diego Story

"Alba Franco-Cancel as the mayor's wife Valencienne
is mincing as her voice is sweet and a pleasure to watch and hear on stage"

                                                                     - Georja Umano, Splash Magazines

Alba Franco-Cancel as the mayor's wife with her own agenda looked sparkling.... again her voice soaring'

                                                               -Charles Karel Bouly, Huffington Post

"Alba Franco-Cancel was delightful as the pert and lively Calisto,
and she genuinely aroused my sympathy
when she ultimately became the victim of the jealousy of Juno"

                                                                       - John Frayne, The News Gazette

"Alba Franco-Cancel was a high-voiced and strongly sung Amy, perhaps the most realistic of the four....She seemed appropriately young, perky, and obstinate at the beginning, growing into a tender and loving young woman....She carried the high note's of the sister's several quartets with aplomb" 

​                       - Don Dagenais, KC Metropolis